The Volkswagen Golf is generally considered a nice car which, in its hot-hatch variants, offers decent performance in a compact package. Volkswagen tuner 034Motorsport took a look at a Golf GTI and hatched a plan to turn the tuning world on its ear with their vision for what a hot hatch Volkswagen Golf should be like.

After obtaining a salvage Golf GTI in the early months of 2010, the car was gutted in preparation for the installation of an Audi V6 with a transaxle sourced from an Audi 100. This layout was necessary because the Golf was intended to be a mid-engined beast from the moment it was conceptualized. To handle the anticipated power, a rear suspension from a Porsche 996 Turbo was sourced and installed, including 11-inch wide Porsche Turbo wheels for the rear. The Audi engine, at 250 hp, was deemed too wimpy for 034Motorsport’s purposes and so a single turbo setup was configured. The single turbo setup allows quick turbocharger changes and so this GTI-RS can be setup to run with 600 to 1200 horsepower. Engine management is handled by an 034EFI Stage IIc ECU. All this power means that aside from the suspension, Porsche brakes were also used to slow this beast of a car when the corners come up.

This picture of the mid-engine install shows first-class fabrication proficiency and top engineering skill. At the European Tuner Grand Prix, this car cleaned up in the dyno challenge and road course events. The only reason it didn’t also take the prize in the drag race challenge is because the engine’s massive output caused an axle output flange to shear, thus ending its dominant performance. A very detailed writeup and spec sheet is available at the tuner’s website and with all the specs and figures detailed, it would be very interesting to have a performance calculator on hand to play around with various what-if scenarios.

034Motorsport GTI-RS page can be found here



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