You are looking at the one and only E60-series BMW M5 CSL in existence. This particular car was made on the occasion of the M5’s anniversary in October 2009. The M5 moniker started in 1985, with the release of the first M5 based on the BMW E28 4-door sedan. Since then, every 5-series BMW has had an M5 big brother produced beside it. 

This particular M5 uses the base engine from the current series, which is a 40-valve V10 with variable valve timing and individual throttle bodies. While the stock engine is rated at 507 horsepower, the powerplant on this anniversary prototype has been stroked to 5.5 liters.The engine was further enhanced by a carbon fiber manifold, increased capacity air box and secondary oil cooler. To feed the more powerful engine, the front bumper was cut out (in the license plate area) to provide an extra air duct. The transmission was replaced with a 7 speed DCT unit from an M3. No official figures were released but some have calculated the output to be near 600 horsepower.

50 kilos were shaved from the body’s weight by using a carbon fiber roof, carbon fiber driver’s and passenger’s seats and a stripped interior, including removal of the back seats. This results in a 0-100 km/h time of less than 4 seconds. Not bad for a 4-door weighing more than 1,700 kilos. Top speed should be more than a delimited M5’s 300 km/h capability. If we use a performance calculator, we can more accurately predict this figure.

It’s a pity that the next generation M5 will revert to a V8 and twin turbos. The naturally-aspirated V10’s wail at full throttle cannot be duplicated by a turbocharged powerplant.

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