Osella 1 1024 Norma M20 Racer Is A Champion Hillclimber

Adherents of hillclimbing know that it’s a fantastic form of motorsport, where cars of all shapes, sizes and budgets compete. In Europe, hillclimbing has a very wide following and the top-level cars that one sees show a level of preparation that defies belief.

2007 Norma M20 1 600 300x225 Norma M20 Racer Is A Champion HillclimberOne such car is the Norma M20 campaigned by Castellana Racing. This French team has campaigned the locally made cars for several years now, and if Norma sounds like a car your mom would drive, you can stop laughing now because Castellana’s Norma M20 has won numerous races culminating in the French hillclimb championship.

The car is built around a chromoly chassis with a carbon fiber survival cell. Suspension is dual wishbone front and rear with inboard shocks and AP Racing brakes. Total length of the car is no more than 2.8 meters. With a fiberglass body, total weight is 600 kilos or around 1400 pounds. This particular car features a 400hp BMW M3-derived powerplant (type S50) mated to a Sadev 6-speed sequential transmission. Newer versions of the M20 feature an all-carbon chassis and optional Honda K20 engine with around 260 horsepower. Even with the smaller engine, power-to-weight ratio is already equivalent to a Ferrari F50.

norma m20 engine 300x225 Norma M20 Racer Is A Champion HillclimberHillclimb courses are held on public roads, so imagine the skill a competitive driver needs to just keep a car from dropping off the side of a mountain or even hitting a guardrail. Check out the video that follows to see what we mean.