Are you interested in supercharging your land rover range rover ?

Range Rover Classic 3.5l to 3.9l V8:

Powerdyne performance and Vortech superchargers offer a supercharger kit for your engine. The kits provide three options for power increase depending on the boost pressure:

Stage 1 kit: 7 psi & 212 HP

Stage 2 Kit: 9 psi & 228 HP

Stage 3 Kit: 14 psi & 283 HP

Stages two and three come with a water injection kit for increased cooling.

Further power increases can be attained with additional engine performance parts such as genie high flow exhaust headers and a Borla performance cat-back exhaust system.


Powerdyne supercharged 3.5L Range Rover

Powerdyne supercharged 3.5L Range Rover


Powerdyne Supercharged 3.9 L dynograph

Powerdyne Supercharged 3.9 L dynograph

Borla 3.9L Cat-Back Exhaust

Borla 3.9L Cat-Back Exhaust

Find your parts here:

Range rover 3.5 – 3.9 supercharger kits

Range rover 3.5 – 3.9 Headers

Borla Catback system for 3.5 – 3.9 liter V8

Range Rover 4.4 liter V8:

Arden performance, a German tuning company specializing in luxury performance vehicles have developed a complete performance package for your Range Rover V8.

The package includes:

1- An engine rebuild kit including:

a. Stroker crank bringing up the displacement to 4.8 litres

b. Lower compression 9:1 pistons

2- Complete supercharger package

3- Intercooler

4- ECU reprogramming

The kit produces an astounding 500 hp @ 6250rpms and 516 ft.lbs of torque @ 4250 rpms. This is capable of accelerating the vehicle from 0-60mph in a short time of 6.5 seconds.

Performance can further be improved using Arden designed ‘off road only’ performance headers and high flow cats. Furthermore, a high flow exhaust system is available jointly through Arden / Meisterschaft

Arden Supercharged 4.8L

Arden Supercharged 4.8L

Range Rover Arden/Meistercraft Exhaust

Range Rover Arden/Meistercraft Exhaust














Find your parts here:

Arden Performance

Meisterschaft exhausts


Interested in building your own kit?

Here’s an interesting application performed on a 3.5liter engine (similar to the Range Rover 3.5) found in its sister car the TVR.

The kit built here includes:

Eaton M62 superchager

Custom pulley plate with extra idler and tensioner pulley

Custom supercharger outlet plate

Custom supercharger mounting bracket

Modified intake manifold (rotated 180* for added clearance for the superchager)

Relocated pre-supercharger throttle body

Recirculation and bypass valve connected pre-throttle body and post supercharger

Custom mounted front mount intercooler

Vortech SFMU (super fuel management unit)

Relocated Air flow meter and air filter pod

A zex nitrous oxide wet kit for additional power delivery

When all is said and done, the completed kit delivers 250 hp without the nitrous oxide injection.


Eaton M62 custom install 3.5L TVR

Eaton M62 custom install 3.5L TVR





Pulley setup showing idler and tensioner pulley

Pulley setup showing idler and tensioner pulley

Find the full discussion topic here:

Custom supercharged TVR 3.5 liter engine



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