Ripp modification’s has released a new jeep supercharger kit for the 3.8 liter V6 Jeep JK. The supercharger kit is a simple yet effective kit comprising of:

Ripp Modification's jeep supercharger...

Ripp Modification's jeep supercharger...

  • A Vortech V-3 fully enclosed and self oiled supercharger head unit.
  • A manderel bent induction pipe on the supercharger hot side.
  • Two additional RC fuel injectors for additional injection.
  • A tuned Ripp ‘black box’ injector and timing controller.
  • A switchable tune for switching between a low octane and high octane tune.
  • All the clamps, couplers and hardware required for the install.

For further power increases rip offers:

  • A manderel bent cat-back exhaust system
  • An off-road snorkel Airbox for the supercharger coldside
  • And a water and methanol injection ‘boost cooler’ kit

The kit in stage 1 form has dynoed over 240 whp which is a 115 hp increase over the stock power figures….

Here’s a startup and rev video clip of the kit:


For more information on this kit:

Ripp Modifications



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